There is a full spectrum of training services offered at Full Circle Ranch.

      *People Training

      *Colt Starting - giving each horse a chance to realize its full potential

      *All the basics a horse needs to grow in whatever discipline he is destined for

      *Finishing work designed to insure the horse stays fresh and likes his job

      *Problem solving - addressing particular issues the horse has developed

      *Weanling/Yearling - preparation for life

        Training Fee: $750 per month
        Includes full board with free choice grass hay, free choice minerals,
        Dynamite vitamins, dry COB, and alfalfa pellets.
        Additional supplementation is available when necessary and will
        be sold at our cost.

        Private lesson - $45 per hour
        Semi-private lesson (group of 3-4 riders) - $35 per hour

        Horse Evaluations - $55 per hour
        We can evaluate a horse before you buy and check for suitability.
        We will also check out any horse for problem solving, nutritional
        needs, or tack fit.

Angie Reitmeier & Bill Basham
1068 Fiddlers Ridge Loop
Potlatch, ID 83855
(208) 874-3026

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