Testimonials and Kudos from our students and customers.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you guys have done for Nikki. Yesterday, for the first time, I saw the horse
that she has always been in my mindís eye. It was like seeing all my hopes and dreams for her come true. I know that life for Nikki will
always be full of worrisome things, but I also know that the training provided to her has given her better tools to deal with things.

Nikki is a grand horse. I couldnít be more pleased with what you have done with her. Well maybe I could - in my dreams she and I
ride off down the trails together, I know that is a fantasy and the reality that she now has is wonderful.

You say you donít work magic, I know all the time and effort you guys put into training. However, somewhere in Nikkiís past someone put
in a lot of time and effort into her also, unfortunately they created a broken horse. Say what you will, there is something magical about
Full Circle Ranch and the people who work there. Again, my deepest gratitude for helping Nikki - it means the world to me.


I spent the whole drive home smiling, with the occasional tear of joy streaming down my face thinking about Chance's
first ride in the woods! I'm so happy with his progress and am really excited to see him make it! I can see a calmer, smarter,
braver horse than a few short weeks ago. With your help, we can make it. Thank you both for what you have done and
continue to do for horses and their humans. The world is a better place with you both in it!!! Have a great weekend!


Drawing by Silia. "A Horse in the Atlantic". Don't forget me!

Hi Bill & Angie!
I thought that I would thank you again for all the work you did with Fenomenon, I think that you two saved her life the other night!

We had brought all the horses into the barn but Nommers wouldn't come in (not untypical for her on clear nights). I could see her
standing out in the middle of the field and kept calling to her but she wouldn't even look at me. So I put on my mud boots and waded
out to her. As I got closer I could see all the electrical tape that lined the outdoor arena and she appeared as if she had drug it
out to the middle of the field (all 200 yards of it) and was just standing there chewing on it!

When I got to her I realized that she wasn't chewing on it, and that some how she had gotten a hold of a loop of it and it had tightened
around her lower jaw (through where the bit goes but under her tongue). It was so tight I couldn't undo the knot and we had to cut her
loose from the 200 yards still attached to the arena, I took her inside and was able to remove the wire from around her jaw!

Nommers knew that she was in trouble, stayed put, and didn't fight which is knowledge that she learned from you two. I can hardly
stand the thought of what could have happened if she would have tried to fight the tape!

Kim Ransdell and Nommers

Hi Bill & Angie, Just wanted to let you know that Jack made it back fine. I took him for a ride today up the hill behind us with Jay & Shelly. He did super. He was so relaxed. We were all amazed at how well he is doing. Thanks again, the both of you will always be special to Jack and me for the start you have given him on his new life.

Keep in touch.
Love, Tim & Jack

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