The Seven Principles of Training a Horse

1. I can never get my horse too gentle to me and my tools.

2. I can never get too good of control of the hindquarters. In the beginning, it is for safety, and as the horse progresses, it is to access the athletic ability of the horse. It makes the power of the hindquarters available.

3. I can never get my gait transitions too good. It would begin with online work, to liberty, and then be taken to the saddle.

4. I can never get my rein too soft. I view my lead rope as my rein, and what I see on the ground, I will find in the saddle.

5. I can never get an eye change too well. For many horses, this maneuver causes an extreme self-preservation instinct to become evident.

6. My horse can never back too well. Backing is not an effective means of escape, nor a natural athletic move of the horse. Backing can help the horse to become more athletic and confident.

7. I can never get my lateral movement too good. This is one of the most effective means of developing the horse's
back and suppleness.

I believe that in most cases, horse and riders with problems will find a solution to their difficulties in the first four principles.

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